Q. Will the Adult Animations for Sims 1 work for Sims 2?

A. No. Sims 1 and Sims 2 are two completely different games. Sure…they are based on the same idea, but the graphics in each are worlds apart. It would be that same as trying to add Sims 1 animations to Zoo Tycoon, it won’t work because they are 2 different games. HOWEVER…I have heard rumors that the ability to make new animations is just around the corner, and this is something a few people have feverishly been working on!

Q. How do you get the animations to work? (for Sims 1)

See our Custom Animation Installation Guide

Q. I have tried just about everything the Custom Animation Installation Guide said and the animations still wont work! (for Sims 1)

We promise you we did not toss extra information in there to fill out the page. Try the rest of it. If, once you have tried *everything* instead of “just about everything” the animations are still not working you you please come to the Sims 1 Yahoo group and let us know what computer and operating system you have, what expansion packs are installed, and what actually happens when you try to use the loverug. Chance are slim we can help (we put everything we know about the situation into our Custom Animation Installation Guide, after all) but we’d like to know if there’s a problem.

Q. Why do the objects disappear when I start to play my game? (For Sims 1)

A. You don’t have the expansion pack that the base for that object came with. Please check to see which expansion pack is needed.

Q. I can’t set the clock on my VCR. Why?
A. Ask it nicely, sometimes it works….

Q. How do I install files to Sims 1?
First of all, you need to download WinZip. It is a free download. Once you have that installed, then you need to extract the files you have downloaded from my site. How you do this, is you double-click on them, and then winzip will pop up, and just select that you want to use the trial version, and then a window will open up showing you what files are inside the zipfile. I usually include text files with my zipfiles which include installation instructions or notes about which expansion are needed and so on. I do strongly suggest you read the text files so that you know where certain files are to be extracted.

Ok….so now you have the window open, click on the file ending with .iff, then at the top of the window, select “Extract”…. and then search for the directory where you want to put the file….. usually in C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Downloads and then choose to make a new folder and call it Needful Things or whatever you like, and then choose that new folder, and then click on extract , and then the file should be installed in that new folder.

If you are installing our animations, I would suggest extracting the animations AND the iff file that works with the animations into a folder together in the Downloads folder. So, for instance, you will want to extract them to this folder C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\Downloads\MNT LoveTubs

Q. How do I get rid of the blur on my Sims when they are naked?
A. For Sims 1 : You need to download a blur removal patch and you can get one from Bette and Kamma’s site on the programs page …FOR FREE!

If you have any suggestions on anything I should add to this section….please Email Me , but! If you have a question, please go to one of Yahoo Groups ::Sims 1:: ::Sims 2:: or, go to our EZBoard Forum. I’m sorry, but I just don’t have time to privately answer game-help questions. Thanks!